Domain registration


Planning to build a web site? You should seriously consider registering your own domain names. Your domain will be your brand on the Internet. It is a wise idea to choose a trusted domain registration partner like YSI - with more than 15 years of experience in this business - to take care of one of your most important values on the Internet.

Our volume discount plans are perfect for resellers and branding companies, but we also take care of small companies and individuals, helping everyone to choose the right domain for their on-line project.

Facts you should know about domain registration

 1  Domains are cheap, but at the same time are the most important part of your on-line business. Choosing the cheapest provider just for saving some money can be a very bad idea.

 2  You are not bound to choose the same provider for web or mail hosting and domain registration, although some web hosting vendors will try to push you to move your domain with them. Keeping your domains in a trusted company like YSI will always guarantee your freedom to choice the best providers at any time, with no service loss.

 3  You should consider registering more than one domain, if available. This will protect your brand, avoiding confusion. You definitely don't want to see your competitors running an almost identical domain than yours.

 4  Choose the name carefully. Not always the shorter domain name is the better. Think about your business, and get an original name for it.


What you get registering your domains with YSI

  • Full control - Change in real time all domain data at no additional cost.
  • Free DNS service - Don't pay more money for a professional class DNS.
  • Domain redirection - Free redirection service included in all domains.
  • Parking service - Configurable parking service for all your domains.
  • Easy domain transfer - We will help you in your transferring process, to avoid visibility loss during the process.
  • Professional advice - We can help you in your domain disputes, giving you legal advice when you need it.