Our products

YSI follows its customers every day in its on-line experience, from the most simple and cheap to the more complex solutions.


Domain Registration



If you are planning to - or already have - a web site, you should seriously consider registering your own domain names. Your domain will be your brand on the Internet. It is a wise idea to choose a trusted domain registration partner like YSI - with more than 15 years of experience in this business - to take care of one of your most important values on the Internet.

Our volume discount plans are perfect for resellers and branding companies, but we also take care of small companies and individuals, helping everyone to choose the right domain for their on-line project.


Shared Hosting



Our Shared Hosting products combine quality and price. This hosting solutions are a perfect starting point to introduce your project into the on-line market. With low cost starting packages, you will be able to access the latest technology at an affordable price.

  • Shared Web Hosting.
  • Shared Mail Hosting.
  • Shared DNS servers.
  • Shared FTP Servers.

Dedicated Servers



Dedicated Servers give you all the power and freedom of having your own Server. You will be given full control of the servers.

  • Fully Managed Network.
  • 100% Up-time Guarantee - backed by money-back remedies.
  • Network, Server Hardware, DC power and cooling guaranteed.
  • 1 hour hardware replacement guarantee - backed by money-back guarantee.
  • Full Root Level Access.
  • Vulnerability Scans.
  • Site and Server Monitoring.
  • 500 Peering partners resulting in increased speed of delivery.
  • Total bandwidth billing - only pay for what you use.
  • Expert solution design.
  • Stability.
  • Anti virus software (Windows servers only).

Managed Servers



If you want the power of a Dedicated Server, but lack the time or resources to maintain it, let us manage it for you. We will assume full responsibility of software, hardware and maintenance of the server. Our expertise and experience will provide you the best security and performance.

Plus the features of a Dedicated Server, with the Managed Server you will also get:

  • Security and vulnerability checks.
  • Software updates and control
  • Performance control
  • System optimization

All our Hosting clients take benefit of automatic discounts on our Online Marketing and Development products. We want to offer you complete solutions, covering all your on-line needs.

IT Management



YSI offers you the chance of outsource IT and Technical Management of your company. We can satisfy your needs with the maximum professionalism and confidentiality. Get now at an affordable price the collaboration of the best IT and Tech professionals in the following fields:

  • On-line Technical support.
  • Network management.
  • Connectivity advisory.
  • VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) configuration and management.
  • Development and maintenance of data servers (NAS/SAN).
  • Set up and maintenance of IP Telephony servers.
  • Backup management and data flow control.
  • Hardware advisory.
  • Development of corporate applications.
  • Technical staff selection processes.